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Amazon Advertising Services

Growth Sales with Strategic Amazon Sponsored Ads

  • 6+ Years Experience
  • 100K+ Spend Managed on Amazon Advertising
  • 5M+ Revenue Generated on Amazon

Amazon is a data mine for sellers. With our Amazon Ads Certified expert, we drive into those data to make a strategy where an account needs the most focus. Before investing money, Amazon sellers need to be more strategic so they can get the most returns.

As an Amazon advertising agency, we have a dedicated Amazon Ads Certified expert team who can build an Amazon advertising strategy for your account whether it’s a newly launched or a running Amazon brand to build traffic and conversion, Linnpoint will help you showcase your products in the right place to grow your business.

Amazon Advertising Agency

A to Z Amazon PPC Management Service

Amazon PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is crucial for every Amazon seller. As competition is increasing a lot it’s much difficult now to be up on top of everything. As an Amazon PPC agency, we can help you with all sorts of plans, suggestions, and optimization to grow your business. We, Linnpoint are an Amazon A to Z service provider where you will find all sorts of services that need to manage your Amazon account day to day.

Linnpoint Amazon Advertising Strategy Approach

Your Amazon account is your digital storefront. Make it welcoming, make it trustworthy, make it compelling
1. Amazon Account Audit:

We start our work by auditing the account. We pull out all previous data and do a data-driven analysis to know about the account.

2. Research Amazon Competitor & Keywords:

After understanding the item and account trend we drive to get Amazon competitor and keywords data. That will help us to keep track in the long run.

3. Build Amazon PPC Strategy:

Amazon’s ads strategy is the most important part of business success. We initially prepared a 3 months plan with monthly and weekly breakdowns to measure and reach the goal.

4. Create Amazon PPC Campaigns:

After research & strategy, We will start implementing them in the account by creating all types of campaigns like Sponsored products, brands, Displays, and Video ads.

5. Regular Amazon Campaign Optimization:

Regular optimization will give the account more growth towards the goal. Each day we will check all major metrics like ACoS, TACoS, CTR, CVR, Budget, etc to be on top.

6. Weekly Call & Reporting:

With our transparent report system, you will able to keep yourself updated on everything and our strategic call will show you the path to reach the goal faster.

Linnpoint Amazon Advertising Strategy Approach

1. Amazon Sponsored Products:

We do strategic keyword research for Amazon Sponsored Products to identify high-performing keywords, leveraging various match types (broad, phrase, exact) to refine targeting. We also utilize placement and other bidding strategies. Our bidding strategy involves accurate bid management to maintain competitiveness while maximizing ROI. Additionally, we focus on ad optimization to maximize conversion above average. (The average Amazon PPC conversion rate is 14%).

2. Amazon Sponsored Brands:

Sponsored Brands (SB) campaigns have an average CTR of 0.4%. For Amazon Sponsored Brands, our strategy involves creative ad design to captivate audiences, boost the visibility of the Amazon store, and increase brand awareness. We aim to attract new-to-brand (NTB) customers through compelling ad content and strategically promote brand videos to engage and inform potential buyers. Our approach aims to create a powerful brand presence on Amazon, driving traffic and conversions while maintaining brand loyalty and recognition.

3. Amazon Sponsored Display:

Campaigns with targeted audience segments have shown up to a 30% increase in click-through rates, while retargeting strategies have resulted in a 20% higher conversion rate compared to non-retargeted campaigns. For Amazon Sponsored Display, we employ targeted audience segmentation to reach specific demographics and interests, ensuring precise ad delivery. We focus on ad creative development to engage visuals and messages to capture attention and drive clicks.

4. Amazon DSP:

Amazon DSP’s advanced audience targeting features have shown a 40% increase in engagement compared to traditional targeting methods. Also, Cross-device retargeting has resulted in a 25% higher conversion rate among users who have interacted with our brand across multiple devices. We can reconnect with users who have interacted with our brand or products across different platforms to maximize conversion opportunities through cross-device retargeting campaigns.

5. Amazon Attribution:

We use Amazon Attribution so we can optimize our marketing strategies to increase outside Amazon traffic, and foster better collaboration between different marketing channels. It provides insights into customer behavior, allowing advertisers to understand the impact of their ads on driving traffic and sales on Amazon.

6. Amazon Post:

Amazon Posts experience a 9% increase in brand consideration and a 30% increase in product views. It allows brands to create engaging content on Amazon’s platform, increasing their brand visibility and cross-promotion opportunities. For those who have an Amazon store, we use Amazon Post for those brands.

Why Hire Us?

1. Tailored Solutions for Your Brand’s Needs:

It’s not just the PPC, It’s about building your brand across Amazon and the internet as a whole. That drives true recognizable success.

2. Stay Ahead with the Latest in Technology:

Our experts always stay updated with all of Amazon’s latest tech and features. We also apply those to our projects regularly for the best output in the most effective way.

3. Provide Top PPC Experts:

We provide extensive 6 months of training in the field to our employees before handing over an account. Plus there is always a 2-step layer with a Manager (3+ years experienced) and a Senior Manager (4-5 years experienced) who ensures optimal account growth.

4. Provide One-to-One Support:

We always value your questions and concerns. We also prefer to keep ourselves clear to you so there might be any questions anytime to your mind. Therefore we provide a dedicated account manager for your account who will be responsible for addressing all your queries on time.

5. 100% Transparent:
There are no magic or tricks.

We show you what we are doing, tell you why we are doing it, and provide you with the documents you need to keep to make yourself clear even after our partnership ends.

6. Explore Our Proven Track Record of Success:

We are happy to provide you with the results and insights of our previous works. We are proud of the work we have achieved with each of our clients. So let’s schedule a free call and check our case studies.

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